Embossed PVC Foam Boards

محصولات-طرح دار

Single layer foam pvc sheet

Laminated PVC Foam Boards

ورق پی وی سی فومیزه روکش دار

Washbasin Cabinets, Mirrors and Storage Boxes


ورق فومیزه پی وی سی در کمدها، مبلمان و سازه های استخرها

Lockers and Furniture


Exhibition Stands


Labs and Sanitary Spaces

ورق‌های فومیزه پی‌وی‌سی در ست کابین روشویی و آیینه

Washbasin Cabinets


About Unifoam

Unifoam is one of the subsidiaries of Paya Industrial Group, established in 2015 aiming at producing polymer sheets. It utilizes specialists to integrate science and technology to manufacture quality products. The company strives to use specialized knowledge to not only enhance the quality of its products but also launch them at competitive prices. The Unifoam Group initiated the manufacturing industry relying on its motivated and innovative staff to drive sustainable growth, market leadership, building a trusted brand and commitment to the ethical values and social responsibilities. It will spare no effort to be recognized as an authentic, dynamic and entrepreneurial company that values social rights.

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